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    Dimpled membrane 1,5×20

    Dimensions: 1,5 x 20

  • Geokärg 48,80 


    Height: 10cm

  • Septik 1342,00 

    3000L septic tank kit

    Capacity: 3000l

  • 399,00 

    Biodegradable mulch mat 2×100

    Dimensions: 2x100

  • Geotekstiil 150g 234,00 

    Geotextile 150g/m2 3×100

    Dimensions: 3x100

  • Plastiktruubid 57,83 

    Culvert 200mm 6-metre

    Inner diameter: 200mm

  • Rullis drenaaž 97,60 

    Flexible drainage pipe 63mm with geotextile filter

    Diameter: 63mm

  • Kookosmatt 130,00 

    Coconut mat 2,4×50

    Dimensions: 2,4x50

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