Steel culverts

Steel culverts are used as an alternative to plastic culverts. They consist of multiple plates, that are assembled with bolts and nuts. Plates are easy to transport and can be assembled on site.


– Tensile strength of steel 360 N/mm²
– Minimum yield strength 235 N/mm²
– High resistance class 8.8 bolts and nuts are used for the assembly.
– For corrosion protection, the steel plates are covered with a zinc layer, according to EN ISO 1461.
– In adverse environmental conditions, additional epoxy or polymer protection is used (e.g. salted roads or acid environment).

Corrugation types

T70: 67.7 x 12.7 mm

T100: 100 x 22 mm

T200: 200 x 55 mm


– Easy to transport
– Access to places with difficult terrain
– Different lengths, according to need
– Easy to connect, no sleeves needed
– Easy to assemble
– Financial savings

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