Gabion baskets

Gabion baskets are mostly used for shore protection. A distinction is made between knitted and welded wire baskets, depending on the method of manufacture. Gabion baskets are available in different lengths, widths and heights. Baskets with lower heights, are also called gabion mats or mattresses.

Knitted gabion baskets are made of galvanised or PVC coated steel wire, which form a hexagonal mesh structure. The sides of the baskets are reinforced with thicker wire.

Advantages of gabion baskets and mattresses

Flexible: The hexagonal mesh structure can withstand high pressure without breaking. It adjusts itself to moderate ground movement.

Durable: Galvanised steel mesh has a long lifetime. Covering the galvanised mesh with PVC will further extend the life of the structure. This is particularly useful for hydraulic engineering projects.

Strong: The knitted mesh structure can withstand very high stresses and is resistant to natural forces. Quality gabion baskets and mattresses retain their good features for decades.

Sustainable: The use of gabion baskets and mattresses is cost-effective, especially if the filler stones are located close to the work site. Only minimal post-construction maintenance is required.


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