EPDM geomembrane

ELEVATE™ EPDM geomembrane is an elastic rubber membrane which, thanks to its good elasticity, adapts to the substrate to be insulated. The material is available in rolls of different widths, making it easy to install and widely used for decorative ponds, pools and other water features.


EPDM is a highly elastic waterproof membrane, with very good elongation (elongation of over 300%, which helps the membrane to take the shape of the insulating substrate) and temperature-independent properties (it retains its elasticity even at temperatures below -45°C, allowing it to adapt to large temperature fluctuations).

EPDM contains UV and erosion protection while being completely safe for the environment (ISO 14001). The lifetime of a geomembrane is over 50 years.

EPDM rolls are available in widths of 6,1; 9,14; 12,19 and 15,24 m. Each roll is 30.48 m long.


EPDM geomembrane, like any other membrane, needs protection against mechanical damage. Therefore, the geomembrane surface must be protected with a layer of geotextile or fine sand. Do not place gravel or coarse gravel on the surface of the membrane, as sharp-edged stones can damage the membrane.

EPDM geomembrane panels are joined together and membrane penetrations are made using a special Elevate tape. The panels of the geomembrane are glued together using a special double-sided tape between the joints. The pipe and other geo-membrane penetrations are made using a raw rubber-based tape.

At the top of the shore, the EPDM geomembrane will be anchored in an anchor trench (depth approx 15-20cm). For smaller ponds, an anchor trench is not necessary – the top edge of the membrane can be hidden in soil, under stone lining, etc.

For large isolated areas, it is advisable to install a circular or flat gas and water drain under the geomembrane.

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