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Hydroseal OÜ started its operations in 2000. Our company's core business is the wholesale of geosynthetic materials, slope stabilisation materials, geomembranes, plastic and steel pipes, prefabricated steel bridges, stormwater and drainage pipes and external sewer pipes. Specific materials can be purchase with installation. The range of materials we offer has a wide range of applications and is in one way or another related to road construction, landscaping, and water diversion, management or storage.

There are many fields where the products offered by Hydroseal OÜ find use. Including the provision of suitable and high quality materials for a wide range of projects: fish farms; construction of ponds, dams and reservoirs; construction of waste treatment plants; as well as for the construction of outdoor pipelines and storm water drainage and drainage systems.


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Since most of the materials we offer are used in areas where, as a rule, quite large-scale integrated solutions are required, in most cases it is reasonable and advisable to contact our specialists either by phone or by visiting us. The full range of products can be found in the product catalogue on the website. However, we also sell a wide range of materials that can be delivered by courier via our e-shop and can be purchased by placing your order directly on our website.

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