Needlepunched geotextile

Needlepunched geotextile is a non-woven fabric made of polypropylene fibres, designed to reinforce the soil and to separate different soil layers. Geotextile prevents soil erosion and plant growth, while channeling rainwater through itself.

Places of use

– In road construction, to avoid the use of rubble, sand, etc. mixing of soil layers
– When creating parking and parking areas
– Building drainage systems
– Preventing soil erosion
– for stabilising slopes and hillsides
– Cleaning up bathing beaches
– For mechanical protection of geomembranes


K – protective; T – reinforcing; F – filtering; D – drainage; E – separating.

Road works
Roads, highways, railways, airports T; F; D; E
Local forest and access roads T; F; D; E
Car parks and petrol stations K; F; D; E
Tunnels and bridges K; D
Rolling – separating the soil from the subsoil T; F; D; E
Erosion protection K; T; F
Water services
Ditches and drainage K; T; F; D
Water bodies, reservoirs – erosion protection K; F
Protection of geomembranes K; T; D
Construction of landfills K; D; E
Buildings above ground
Building base, supporting structure T; F; D
Compaction of roof systems K; F; D; E
Insulation of industrial and other buildings K; D
Drainage F; D

K – protective; T – reinforcing; F – filtering; D – drainage; E – separating

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