Geogrid is used to reinforce the supporting layers of roads. Due to its adaptability, the geogrid achieves excellent adhesion between the supporting and the base layers. The geogrid reinforces the base layers against heavy loads. Effective from the moment of installation.


Separation: geogrid is produced in different mesh sizes, which gives the possibility to use different aggregate fractions. An optimal mesh size prevents the fragments from sinking into softer soil layers.

Reinforcement: Geogrid increases the load-bearing capacity of aggregate on paved and unpaved roads. The geogrid distributes the load over a large area and significantly reduces the load on the lower layers of the soil.


Geogrid is usually made of strong polypropylene and coated with a polymer to protect the material from damage and UV radiation during installation. Thanks to its light weight and good elasticity, the material is easy to install.
A geogrid with a tensile strength of 30/30 – 50/50 kN/m is sufficient under normal conditions. Geogrid with higher tensile strength is used for heavy loads and more extreme conditions.

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