Galaxy series (large)

AquaMaster® Galaxy Series branded fountains offer a particularly spectacular view, with powerful 10-25 horsepower motors capable of spraying water up to 2 times higher than the Masters Series models.

The Galaxy series is available with a dozen different sprays, which, combined with a configurable LED light solution, offers a variety of options to create eye-catching and spectacular water features in water bodies, both day and night. All nozzles are adjustable and nozzles are interchangeable.

Compared to the Masters series, the large Galaxy fountains also work better as aerators, i.e. they enrich the water with oxygen much more efficiently. It keeps the water body nice and fresh and clean and provides a better habitat for fish, other aquatic animals and plants.

The Galaxy series fountains are available in 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-horsepower models, which are efficient and energy-saving. All models are mounted on a lightweight stainless steel frame with wheels to facilitate transport and installation.


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In addition to LED lights, the Galaxy fountains also feature a weatherproof control panel with 24-hour digital timer, as well as over-voltage protection and a ground fault circuit interrupter for safety.


Galaxy Series fountain motors offer a combination of superior performance and long-lasting quality. This is proven by the 3-year factory warranty on all well components.

Hydroseal OÜ is the official distributor of AquaMaster® fountains and aerators in the Baltic States.

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