Asphalt reinforcement grid

Asphalt reinforcement grid is manufactured from a material with good adhesive properties to achieve good compatibility with asphalt. Asphalt reinforcement grid is easy to install and creates a long-lasting bond between asphalt layers. Because of this strong bond, the asphalt reinforcement grid is able to absorb large forces and distribute them over a large area. The use of an asphalt reinforcement grid helps to prevent asphalt layers from cracking and ensures that the road surface remains in good condition for years to come.


– Withstands high pressures with low elongation
– Good resistance to soil micro-organisms and chemicals, UV radiation and mechanical damage.
– Easy to install thanks to light weight and good elasticity

Traditional uses

– Roads, railways and airports withstand heavy loads
– Access roads
– Securing of slopes
– Noise barrier constructions
– Landfill

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