Plantex® Platinium Solar

A geotextile specially developed for solar parks, which is resistant to UV radiation and protects energy plants and other sensitive installations from weeds.

Long-term protection

Unwanted vegetation is often a problem for solar parks and other technical installations, as collectors or other equipment need to be free of it to maximise solar energy collection. This is where Plantex® Platinium Solar comes in – a special coating fabric with excellent properties that is highly resistant to UV radiation.

Plantex® Platinium Solar is a striking dark green colour and does not need to be covered after installation. This coating fabric has a high tensile strength and is highly resistant to, among other things, tearing, abrasion and, most importantly, UV radiation, making it ideal for use in the renewable energy sector.

Plantex® Platinium Solar also eliminates the need for toxic herbicides, and because air and water can pass through it, it helps keep the soil tidy and stable and ensures water run-off. The use of Plantex® Platinium Solar geotextile for solar panel installation significantly reduces the annual maintenance costs of solar parks and its reliability has been proven by many years of outdoor testing.

Plantex® Platinium Solar benefits

– Proven performance, immediate effectiveness and long-term reliability
– Installed once, minimum maintenance needed
– Strongly formulated and highly resistant to UV rays, damage, tearing and abrasion.
– A chemical-free solution that complies with EU and UK requirements to reduce herbicide use.
– Keeps the soil tidy and stable and ensures its biodiversity by allowing air, nutrients and water to pass through.
– Quick and easy installation (clear and detailed instructions should be followed exactly).
– Limited warranty for eight years (without cover)
– Available in 2.5 and 5 metre widths (the second option is well suited for reducing the number of connection points, especially in large areas).

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