Dimpled membrane

Dimpled membrane is intended for waterproofing the foundation of the building, as well as all underground concrete structures. It has a special structure, which protects the building from soil water/excess moisture coming from the outside and ensures the drainage of condensation water from the inside.

Technical specifications

• Material: high density polyethylene (HDPE)
• Structure: a special dimpled structure
• Height of dimples: 8mm
• Weight: 400g
• Compressive strength ≥ 150 kN/m2

Places of use

• Building foundations
• Concrete floors built on soil
• Basement walls
• Retaining walls
• Various underground buildings (e.g. parking garages, tunnels)


– The foundation cover is cut to the right height or a roll with a correct size (1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 m) is selected.
• The dimpled side of the foundation cover is placed against the main structure.
• To facilitate installation, the beginning of the roll is fixed in some places with fixing nails, after which the cover is rolled out as needed.
• The 5 cm wide edge of the foundation cover without dimples is left on the upper edge for fixing and is covered with a special edge strip (2 m long). Special mounting nails and washers (100 pcs per box) are used for fixing.
• The joints of the foundation cover are generally made with a 200mm overlap. To ensure the waterproofing of the overlaps, they are sealed with a special butyl tape (25 m per roll), which also allow to reduce the overlap.
A well-functioning moisture barrier of the foundation cover is ensured by directing the blocked soil water and condensation water from internal moisture to the drainage, which must be located below the footing of the foundation.
• The drainage is surrounded by coarse drainage gravel or fine crushed stone and separated from the surrounding soil by a filter fabric, for which Typar SF geotextile is suitable.


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