Clay liner

Clay liner or bentonite mat is a “sandwich” type geocomposite, containing a layer of high quality bentonite clay between geotextiles. The clay particles bind water, which causes them to swell, blocking the way for water to move further. The water absorbency of clay liner is close to zero. The material works under pressure.


– Ensures an effective protective layer against pollution
– Easy installation, independent of the weather (not afraid of cold)
– Easily repairable in case of damage
– Suitable for use on slopes up to 1:1.75 mm
– Bentonite powder is used in overlapping areas
– Bentonite mat is a time-tested and reliable material!

Places of use

– Environmental objects
– Hydro-engineering works (lining of cesspools, ditches and dams)
– Roads and railways (groundwater protection)
– Horizontal and vertical waterproofing of foundations

The installation of clay mat does not require any special skills, you just need to make sure that there is no overlap and no empty corners behind the material. The material is working under compression – the minimum (soil) load should be at least 0.7 m or more.

The dimensions of the roll are 5,1 x 40 m.

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