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Geotextile for solar parks

Renewable energy is growing in popularity as more and more people become concerned about climate change. Unlike wind energy, which can be unstable and requires large initial investments, and hydropower, for which there is a lack of suitable rivers in Estonia’s flat landscape, creating solar parks has proven to be a more flexible and affordable option. Thanks to national support measures, the sale of solar panels in Estonia has increased recently. Exactly on this topic, Hydroseal OÜ has exciting news to share with you.


A few solar panels can be installed on the roof or wall of any building that receives enough sunlight to charge a couple of household appliances and power economical LED lights, but larger and more profitable solar parks, whose main purpose is to sell the renewable energy produced back into the common energy grid, are still built on the ground. Considering that the payback period of solar panels is between 8-12 years and the lifetime is about 25-30 years, you have to think about the long term. The construction of solar parks is a long-term investment, which requires the use of high-quality and long-lasting materials in the construction of the infrastructure. This is where soil erosion and proper maintenance of the solar park come into play. Hydroseal OÜ offers the high-quality Plantex® Platinium Solar geotextile, specially developed for solar parks and other energy facilities, to build a base that is as maintenance-free as possible.

Plantex® Platinium Solar is a special surface covering fabric with excellent properties that is highly resistant to UV radiation. The geotextile has a color that blends in with the soil. The fabric doesn`t need to be covered after installation. Plantex® Platinium Solar has high tensile strength and is highly resistant to tearing, wear, and most importantly, UV radiation, making it perfect for use in renewable energy projects. Plantex® Platinium Solar also eliminates the need for toxic herbicides because plants can`t grow through it. At the same time, air and water can still pass through it, ensuring water drainage and helping to keep the surface stable. The reliability of geotextile has been proven by tests carried out in outdoor conditions over many years.

For more information about the product and its installation, call +372 520 5606 or write to the e-mail address You can read more information on the product leaflet.

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