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Fountains now available

In the current hot weather, we have a pleasantly cooling announcement for our customers: namely, floating fountains are now available at Hydroseal!


Hydroseal OÜ is now the official representative of the highly experienced American manufacturer of fountains and aerators, AquaMaster, in the Baltics. The offered fountains can be conventionally divided into three groups: large and powerful “Galaxy” series fountains, medium-sized and more economical “Masters” series fountains, and small but beautiful “Volcano” series decorative fountains that are suitable for decorating a garden pool or a smaller home pond. In addition, the product range also includes aerators – mechanisms that improve water quality and prevent stagnation of stagnant water by enriching it with air.

All fountains are portable and available in many different variations. They have different power sources and also nozzles, which allow to form different water flow patterns, plus allows to choose the width and height of the water flow. It is possible to change these nozzles and get a wide variety of water games. In addition, different light solutions are also possible, with about 18 different programs. If desired, it is also possible to add a wind controller, water flow height regulator, etc. to the fountains.

Manufacturing, delivery and installation takes time starting from 1 month.

You can find a more detailed overview of the fountains we offer under the following links:

Volcano series fountains/aerators (small)

Masters series fountains (medium)

Galaxy series fountains (large)

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