Geocomposite 50/50+180g


Geocomposites are designed to reinforce the soil and separate different soil layers.

Geocomposite 50/50+180 g consists of a 50/50 kN/m glass fibre geogrid with tensile strength and 180 g/m2 geotextile. The material is unrolled with the geotextile layer on the bottom and the geogrid on the top. Geocomposites are used to reinforce the foundations of roads and plazas.

Roll is 5 metres wide and 100 metres long.

Weight: 165 kg

Dimensions: 5 x 100 m

Product category: Geotextiles

Since most of the goods we offer are quite large in size and heavy in weight, it is clear that we do not deliver our goods to our customers using normal postal and courier services. Therefore, our customer service representative will calculate the transport price for you personally before issuing the invoice, based on the dimensions and weight of the goods you have ordered and the location where you have ordered the goods. We believe that in this way, the price of transport will be cost-based and, on the other hand, as affordable and fair as possible for each customer.

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