Dimpled membrane 1×20

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Dimpled membrane is intended for waterproofing the foundation of the building, as well as all underground concrete structures. In addition to protecting the foundation or basement wall from soil water/excess moisture coming from the outside, it also ensures the drainage of condensation water from moisture coming from inside the building.

Additional information

Material: High density polyethylene; color black
Structure: Special structure
Height of bumps: 8mm
Weight: 400 g/m²
Compressive strength: ≥150 kN/m²

Places of use

• building foundations
• concrete floors built on soil
• basement walls
• retaining walls
• various underground structures (e.g. parking garages, tunnels).

A foundation cover is used primarily for structures where the anticipated amount of condensate to be drained is not particularly high (i.e. the normal situation) and where the infill soil around the foundation, basement wall or retaining wall allows normal surface water filtration.


For installation instructions, see the product leaflet.

If you want to order additional accessories for the installation of the foundation cover, please leave your request in the corresponding comment box when making a purchase in the e-store.

  • Mounting pins and washers (100 pcs/box) – 15,25 €/box.
  • Top edge strip (2 metres long) – 4,60 €/piece.
  • Double-sided butyl tape (25 m per roll) – 21,50 €/roll

Weight: 10kg

Dimensions: 1 x 20m

Product category: Foundation waterproofing

Courier transport of one roll within mainland Estonia 10 euros. In the case of multiple rolls, the price will be calculated by the customer service agent.

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